Gregory Englesbe – Three Essential Office Workouts

Gregory Englesbe loves to work out and become stronger and fitter. He often goes on hikes with his family in the many natural areas in and around Cherry Hill, New Jersey. But sometimes that’s not enough to offset his sedentary work environment. As the CEO of E Mortgage Management, LLC, Englesbe spends most of his working hours behind a desk. In order to stay in shape, Englesbe has folded these three office exercises into his work routine:

Gregory Englesbe

  • Hamstring curl. Gregory Englesbe bends his arms at his elbows while bringing one foot up to his rear while straightening his arms to his side so that his arms go down when his leg goes up. Try 20 reps to get started on this exercise and realize the benefits such as stronger hamstrings and biceps.
  • Knee lift. This is pretty easy and self-explanatory. Simply raise your knees in front of you while you move your arms up and down. Gregory Englesbe finds that this strengthens the opposite side of the leg as the hamstring curl.
  • The Hallelujah. This exercise is not at all subtle, but it does work out your core while helping you get your cardio in for the day. Sweep your arms in front of you and above your head while you sway side to side. You don’t have to yell “Hallelujah” while you do it, but it helps get into the spirit of this spirited office workout.

Gregory Englesbe finds all of these workouts very helpful in his goal to stay in shape and fit while working mostly indoors.

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Gregory Englesbe – Working hard to educate the consumer on mortgage products and services.

 As the CEO and founder of E Mortgage Management, LLC in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Englesbe works closely with first-time home buyers to educate them on the mortgage process and help them understand the options, products and services that best suit their needs.

Gregory Englesbe
Gregory Englesbe works hard to ensure that his customers get the best product and service options that best suit the client needs.

The History of the Mortgage

Gregory Englesbe is a leader in the local mortgage and lending industry in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. His goal is to provide financing options and to always remain above board with customers in the communities EMM serves. Englesbe has helped many first-time buyers get into the homes of their dreams. An experienced mortgage professional, Englesbe is in tune with the history of mortgages and how they came to be an important tool for home owners in the 21st century.

Banks started lending people money to buy houses in the form of mortgages in the 1930s. It was actually the idea of the insurance companies of the time, who hoped they could gain ownership of the properties of those who couldn’t keep up with their loan payments. In 1934, the Federal Housing Administration initiated a new kind of mortgage for people who couldn’t get mortgages for homes under currently existing programs. This is the dawn of the modern mortgage that people like Gregory Englesbe work with today. In the Great Depression era, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) started to reduce the down payment requirements for home owners, allowing more people to own their own homes at a time when only 40% of American households owned their own homes. Gregory Englesbe is a continuation of this tradition.

Gregory Englesbe has helped thousands of families find the homes of their dreams across the nation.

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