Gregory Englesbe: What You Need to Know When Applying for a Mortgage

When shopping for a mortgage with a company like the one that Gregory Englesbe runs, a lot of people only pay attention to the interest rate. This is similar to trying to buy a car for the lowest amount of money and not paying attention to the car’s age, make, model, or condition. While you can find something that is going to be really cheap, it’s probably not going to be very good.

It works in the same way with mortgages. Just like with cars, there are a lot of factors that go into what determines the interest rate. One of the complicated things about mortgages is that the value of every mortgage has at least four parts. The first part is the interest rate. Fixed-rate mortgages have interest rates that do not change after you get your mortgage. Adjustable-rate mortgages have rates that are preset for a certain period of time, usually between one and ten years, and then change periodically.

The second part of every mortgage is the upfront charge that is usually a percentage of a loan amount. These charges are related to interest rates. The more you can pay upfront, the lower interest rate you can get. The third part is the origination fee. Fundamentally, this fee is just another upfront charge.

Finally, the fourth part consists of the third-party fees.

Mr. Gregory Englesbe is a member of the MBNA and PMBA, and is currently the CEO of E Mortgage Management.

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Gregory Englesbe – Knowledge of the Mortgage Industry

Gregory Englesbe graduated from Rider University and began working in the mortgage industry. Little did he know that this industry was to be the center point of his future career. He has gradually built up an extensive knowledge of all things related to mortgage banking. In 2003, he used his knowledge and business instincts to found E Mortgage Management LLC, a mortgage banking company that now utilizes his key skills in the position of CEO. He enjoys his current job.

Gregory Englesbe (3)
Becoming involved in all aspects of his mortgage banking company has been an important step in the transition from manager to CEO. His knowledge of similar mortgage companies has helped him in arranging infrastructure and ensuring that all work is done to a high standard. Previous experience with hiring personnel, managing marketing and sales, and learning about different departments has helped him to keep everyone within the company motivated and on task. As CEO, he also has to look forward to plan for the company’s future. His experiences of expanding company licensing to many states has proved useful in this outlook.

Gregory Englesbe has a large skillset within the mortgage industry, which he is now able to utilize in a more abstract sense in his position as CEO and founder. In his spare hours, he enjoys spending time with his family. He believes that they allow him to keep perspective in his work and personal life, and he is constantly evolving his vision for the company as a result of this perspective.

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Gregory Englesbe – How To Be A Family Man and a Businessman

Gregory Englesbe is the CEO and founder of E Mortgage Management LLC, a mortgage banking company based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. At the end of a long day, he enjoys nothing more than returning home to his family in Cherry Hill. He believes that maintaining this balance between work and family, while at times difficult, is important in the life of a businessman. It allows him to maintain a tight-knit support network for when times are tough.

Gregory Englesbe

Family are an integral part of life, and they motivate us to reach for success. Knowing that you have others to support, who benefit from your hard work, adds drive and purpose to tasks that may seem unimportant. Keeping the wider considerations of family and friends in the back of your mind will help you to maintain a wide perspective, but these connections need to be refreshed in spare time in order for this process to succeed.

Gregory Englesbe puts family ahead of work, but his organizational skills and self management mean that the two aspects of his life rarely clash. Prioritizing one over the other is a personal choice, and one that must be made for the right reasons. The decision to work hard does not have to impede on family life, and being a CEO and founder, he is certainly proof that the perfect balance between work and family can and does exist.

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Gregory Englesbe – Maximizing Impact as CEO

Gregory Englesbe lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with his family. He has worked in the mortgage business for over two decades, and has dealt with many of the problems faced when managing mortgages. Gregory Englesbe experiences and knowledge of mortgage banking led him to found his own company in 2003, E Mortgage Management LLC. The CEO as well as the founder of this company, he has learnt many new skills that are integral to the smooth management and daily running of a company.

Gregory Englesbe

Gregory Englesbe

The first, and one of the most important, skills learnt has been stress management. Working as a CEO requires handling many types of conflict and problem resolution, as well as interacting with people virtually the whole day. In his position at the top of the company, he cannot simply hide away and work hard – being a public, open figure is a large part of being a CEO. It can be difficult to manage this publicity, but focus and clear priorities help to keep a clear head. Being a CEO requires versatility and flexibility, as he has to work with all aspects of his mortgage banking company.

Mr. Gregory Englesbe is a successful CEO who is proud of the company he has built. With the skills he has learnt about leading a company and his extensive experience in mortgage banking, it seems likely that his company will only continue to attain success. In his hours away from work, he enjoys spending time with his family and unwinding from his intense position.

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Gregory Englesbe – New Jersey Mortgage Banker

Gregory Englesbe is a New Jersey native who has worked with over five major local mortgage banking firms. After gaining experience and expertise in the field, he founded his own company in 2003 and now enjoys the rewards that being a CEO brings him. In his spare time, he enjoys being with his family, where he can relax and unwind from the pressure of working in a competitive field.

Gregory Englesbe

He studied at Rider University before getting his first job in business. From there, his interest in mortgages and how to best manage them only grew. He worked his way up to Regional Sales Manager and enjoyed being involved in all aspects of a mortgage banking company, including hiring staff and managing the marketing department.

Now working in his second CEO position, this time for the company he founded, E Mortgage Management LLC, he knows all the ins and outs of mortgage management. He hires loan officers and processors to ensure that the company’s personnel are at the top of their game and enjoys the close to home location of Mount Laurel.

Gregory Englesbe has extensive experience in mortgage banking and management, and he brings this hands on knowledge to his business. At times, he manages the company website and the marketing side of the business, but mostly he oversees the company’s progresses and ensures that it is on the right track. When he returns to his home in Cherry Hill, he knows that he has achieved something good for his family by starting his own company and getting the maximum benefits for them.

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Gregory Englesbe – Three Places to go in South Jersey for the Whole Family

Gregory Englesbe believes in family. Balancing his responsibilities as a business owner and a family man isn’t always easy, but he has found several family-friendly places to take his family whenever he can to get them out of the house and into adventure. In addition to going on hikes and participating in other outdoor activities, Englesbe also takes his family to these fine businesses in South Jersey that cater specifically to families and children:

Gregory Englesbe

  • International Sports Center. A hub for youth sports and a fun house for all kids with games, a skate rink, and a bounce house, the International Sports Center is a favorite of the Englesbe’s because of its convenience and its variety of options for kids of all ages.
  • Garden State Discovery Museum. This is a great place to take children because it teaches them about science while making the act of discovery fun and exciting for all ages.
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Gregory Englesbe – Three Essential Office Workouts

Gregory Englesbe loves to work out and become stronger and fitter. He often goes on hikes with his family in the many natural areas in and around Cherry Hill, New Jersey. But sometimes that’s not enough to offset his sedentary work environment. As the CEO of E Mortgage Management, LLC, Englesbe spends most of his working hours behind a desk. In order to stay in shape, Englesbe has folded these three office exercises into his work routine:

Gregory Englesbe

  • Hamstring curl. Gregory Englesbe bends his arms at his elbows while bringing one foot up to his rear while straightening his arms to his side so that his arms go down when his leg goes up. Try 20 reps to get started on this exercise and realize the benefits such as stronger hamstrings and biceps.
  • Knee lift. This is pretty easy and self-explanatory. Simply raise your knees in front of you while you move your arms up and down. Gregory Englesbe finds that this strengthens the opposite side of the leg as the hamstring curl.
  • The Hallelujah. This exercise is not at all subtle, but it does work out your core while helping you get your cardio in for the day. Sweep your arms in front of you and above your head while you sway side to side. You don’t have to yell “Hallelujah” while you do it, but it helps get into the spirit of this spirited office workout.

Gregory Englesbe finds all of these workouts very helpful in his goal to stay in shape and fit while working mostly indoors.

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